June 20, 2013

Work in a more mature way

It's been an ages I've forgot and abandon my blog just like that. Time change, people change. I'm no longer 18 21 years old young girl. We growing up and moving on. And so, our thoughts are changing and sometimes improving.

For example in a relationship, we work out in more mature way where we are no longer quarrel like kids because of a very small matter or stubborn like a stone by not listening to each others because afraid of lose. But in contrarily, we live in a more peace way and try to tolerance in our relationship. Seriously, who likes to quarrel from day to night, or night to day. Frankly, my husband and I never ever behave coldly more than one day, hmm half day precisely. 

Girls especially, please don't always fight for a small matter. Stand at the guys side, they will think you are insanely sensitive and annoying. Cheers, always be a positive minded and you can find your best girlfriends to talk to if you really feel doubt in your relationship. Then, you will find out things aren't that awful because you still have friends and family who really cares about you. 

Remember you are not alone and behave like an adult. 


July 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Icing

Last Tuesday, a few of us celebrated Icing 22th birthday @We' MEMBER, Setapak. But why I said a few of us? That is because our friends have their short study at UK now, so they can't celebrate Icing's big day with us, and that's why this was the first time we felt so silent without their noise, tho we still miss their noise (:

At first, I thought We' MEMBER is a pure Sushi's restaurant, but isn't. There has variety of food include western and local food other than Japanese food. Hmm, for me the food is average but their service is slowwww than a snail. We were like spending more time on waiting our food rather than eating cuz we were so starving and therefore, we eat very quickly once the food are served. Hahaha.

This is how he waiting his meal. Typical 手机族, kept playing with his phone :-/

Meanwhile, we took pictures to wile away our waiting time. Hey, Birthday Girl! 

And finally, our food have served for about 1 hour later by separately, meaning others still have to wait. Urghh!!

Yea, the boys's Salmon Set 

Salmon Nigiri, common interest always ♥

 Where's my Ika Nigiri, NOOOO, because it's not in their menu list T.T 

I can't remember this sushi name, but it's delicious ♥

Sandwich with Chips, but taste and look more like Cheese Pizza ♥

Opps, I forgot to capture Jess's fish and chips. See how serious she eating after waiting for so long, lmao 

Next, our little snap time with the no-name-sushi. Lol :p

And we never skip the cake and candle light time for the birthday one

Sincerely wish your 3 birthday wishes will come true ♥

Lastly, friends forever indeed ♥____

Wish you find your handsome prince very soon ;-)

June 29, 2012

The 7th Love Day 6.25

After 3 months flies, finally I try to spend my little time to blog, and I did it. Give myself a big clap for not leaving my blog for a month of Sundays cuz I’m a typical lazy one to blog! Rofl. 

♥ 6.25 Love Day ♥

Yeap! It’s my 7th Anniversary with my loves one. We being together years by years, and hope we will celebrate our Semicentennial’s Anniversary in the coming 43rd years! That time I might be a grandma or great-grandma playing around with my great-grandchild, if I can live for that long? :-P 

So, we were having the simplest celebration by dining at Austin Chase.

Lemon Tea ♥

Aglio Olio Spicy Ham Spaghetti ♥

Fish and Chips ♥

After the dinner, we collected our free wining movie tickets @TGV Cinema and yup, we watched  cartoon movie! 

Btw,  is a nice comedy cartoon movie with lots of jokes inside, but it’s too short, only film for about one hour and a half.

Yeah, this is my 3rd lucky time to win those free movie tickets :)

Besides, never miss the chance to get my always favourite Famous Amos Soft Cookies for my movie time ♥ Sigh, I should buy more that day, Regret! :’(

On the other hand, last Sunday, I had a date with my two besties Icing and Cherlie for our Snowflake, Chit-chatting and movie time.

It’s been a very long time too we didn’t date with each other. Hence, I hope we will have more happy sweet date in future time! And frankly, I miss Kuching badly too. I miss everything there such as friends, family, foods, places and even the atmosphere. Laugh. Therefore, I wish you guys could see me at Kuching in coming CNY ♥ 

Lastly, Love Life and Love everyone around you. 

March 14, 2012

Love Feeling


Your life are getting busy and dull (the only few activities he does everyday such as work, sleep, eat and bath) after work. And hence the time we spend together also become lesser and lesser.  Grief.

When flashback to the past, I found that our college + living life were too awesome. Love so much and wish to go back.

Certainly, the most terrible but memorable part was the period you lived at UK for months. The strong loneliness and missing feelings were pain. I never dare to go through these kind of feelings anymore because I will never forget how strong the feelings I had ever.

Even now, especially in this late midnight:

I think I’m getting older and my heart getting weaker where I can’t hold the long-distance relationship anymore like last time (Fyi, we start our relationship in a long-distance). That time, we could only date through phone by text or call :/

Oh no, I wish this type of relationship will never happens to us again.

Ya, maybe I’m not that types of lover who can best express the love feelings toward you. BECAUSE I HAVE: No sweet words, No femininity and thoughtful, No lovely personality, No ardent love, No more than 40% comply your wish, No good cooking skills etc. Lol.

But, there’s always  from me.

March 12, 2012

A Little Snap Time (Part I)

Gastric Attacking. Fml.

I’m having gastric pain for these two days. I think I should and must buy medicine today, if not, tomorrow going to be my third suffering day. :-/ Hope I could recover soon. Once I think about food, especially the meat, I will feel want to vomit. Sigh.

But no matter how, I have big blogging mood today although my abdomen is pain now. This so called self-abuse? Lol.   

I knew and yea I do really know, CNY was far far away passed, but in this post, Imma show you guys my snap time in CNY for no reason. HAHAHA.

First day of CNY:

My boyfriend’s family traditional: First day of CNY must wear in red.

So, I chose wisely for my red top during my shopping time cuz red colour ain’t easy to find especially the red colour that can suit to my tan skin.  Otherwise, my skin will become darker. Conclusion, I chose top which is red mix with orange colour. J

Our first Angpow from boyfriend’s parents.

The couple red wine suit are cute :P  

This was our first photo taking in CNY since we finally celebrated CNY together for the first time. Hope he will join my CNY in Kuching for at least once in a lifetime.  

Failed camwhore cuz of my 99% same expression. Laugh.

SPOTTED her red colour nails :D  

While I have colourful finger nails. (Smile)

Finally a new character joined our snap time. Hehehee! This is because a cute baby boy visited our place and we were 100% attracted by his cuteness. No wonder he is so adorable because he is a hybrid baby, aka Chinese mix Thailand baby.



#3: Non-stop kisses and hugs

The baby boy’s siblings J

My boy said he likes his sister since she was a little girl bcuz she looks pretty! But I like his elder brother due to his humour sense! I can’t stop laughing when chit-chatting with his elder brother. He damn funny and surprise us with his generation’s words. On the other hand, thanks to him so much cuz he called me: Sexy! Hence, Sexy is my name. Rofl.

Becareful baby boy! HAHAHA. Her lips is comes closer towards you :P 

Awww so cute, he wants to kiss my camera. (Blush)

We are couple in checker shirt!

Super failed T.T he kept moving in my arm.


OMG :-)

Before ends,

Wow. Fantastic baby!